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my downloads in livejournal
ok... I put a summary with my downloads :3

Novels: (ilustrated by Kazuaki)

CD Drama:

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oh! it's still the 16th! :D

happy birthday sweet heart! :33

be sure i'm gonna DL all your links! >w< (just need more time, i'm quite busy, sorry... Ah! but i read the manga "incubus" (soo hawwt! XD) i will listen to the dramaCD next time! ;3

and don't forget the Pluchie's photo! i really want to see yours! >w< i hope you spent a good day! :3 and eat a nive cake too! X3

thank you so much x'3

The CD drama's a big: OMG! xDDDD

* nose bleed* xDDDD

I love Daisuke Kishio's voice in mood Tsundere =//////=

yeah! he arrive in one or two weeks >///<

thank you so much Aresky! ;>w<;

today I see the last movie of Harry Potter with friends xD and... Dammit! Pretty bored! and the worst is I didn't see the other last movie but that last was so... previsible DDDD:

you're welcome! :3 (i'd like to give you something for your bday, what would you want me to draw for you? :3 -i'm quite busy, but i can draw you a little something if you want! ^w^-)

haha, i heard the fist part of the track01 (he's just a little incomplete! XD;;;) and just the beginning sound reeaaallly hawt! XD;;; )

i guess Tsundere's characters are all really great! :3 people tend to get attracted to non-honest guy! XD;;; -is being honest just too weird in our world? XD *facepalm*-

hoho! :33 the waiting must be pretty strong! :3 i'll wait with you to see him! =w=

oya? was it that bad?
actually, i didn't read the last book and i saw the part1 of the seventh movie with friend last time... people said it was following the book well, but feeling weren't right... (i kindda liked the animated scene with the tale) ... i just know the end of the story is just a full of "shojo" happy ending... just thinking of that makes me just want to wait for friends to buy it and watch with them XD;;; (not gonna use money)

really? OwO thank you! >w<

Can I ask whatever I want? OwO (ums... ok... can I ask a Shiki draw? x'3)

really I don't remenber track 1... I just listen him a little in the same page as you I think (if you say is incomplete I'm sure is the same D:)

the best part was track: 3 and 6 =w=*****
They're the most hot part X'3

I'll hug him in the night, and I'll dream with him(?) xDDDD

wuaaa, the last week I dreamed with shiki!! xDDDD I was so happy =////= in the dream I hug him and I'm sit down to his legs.... so inocent but... I was so happy... =///////=

xDDDDDDD <--- fantasy world lool xDD

i didn't rad any book of Harry Potter
Yeah! Harry get maried with Ginny and Hermione with Ronald... that was to... shojo, yes...

The movie was so bored, and so previsible at the same time... .___.UU

^w^ haha sure sure!

oh my! he's difficult to draw, but i'll try! :3 i never draw TNC's fanart yet! :3

yell, y'know track one is juste the moment he's in the bathroom playing with himself and the incunus appears and whispered to his ear or something! XD;;;
oyaaa! i'm sure it's hawt! :333 following the next xhapter, they play in the class room, with the s*xmonster (OMG that scene must be EPIC!) and make a lot of other dirty things 8333

dunno if you can dream of a character that never appear in the game! =3=
Oh my?! with Shiki?!! i wonder how he can let you sit on his legs if you're not Akira?! XDDD (well actually, you're playing Akira in the game, so i guess it's normal! XD)

[what a naughty girl! -well i'm not better *headdesk*-]

i don't want to read the last book... i got a problem with finishing long series! i've got the same problem with fruitsBacket's ending -which end was really shojo too, but oh well... IT IS a shojo-
Yeah... that happy ending that only little girl want! but for long reader who get old with the books, WE KNOW that Harry Potter might have died in the real version! èwé (that's because JKRowlling was influenced by the commercial and the censoring things that she couldn't kill him! =3= 'cause it's for little kids, the hero can't die! =A=)

thank you!! >w<

me too... but someday I'll try to draw one too xD if is just Yukihito =3='' the more easy to draw :0

... I want to hear the track one now xD

yeah! in the "fisical examination" loooool xDDDDDDD

I just imagine what I read before xD (I read a characther description and I hope it was true... e___e'''')

Don't now, Akira wasn't there xDDD I remenber when I was hugging him my mentality says: KYAAAAAAAA xDDDDDDDDDDD


I have the same problem too... :/
Well, with fruits basket I just read the end xDDD but I don't like his end... so innocent xDUUUU

but the movie waas really bored.... :/

no prob! i'll do it for next week for sure! :3 -i have quite a lot of drawing work to finish too! :3-

haha, but Yukihito is really handsome too! =w= i don't know much about him, but it's good to be able to draw him, i mean, there are not that much difference from drawing shiki then?! XDD

haha it's just a little things! the others tracks are much more hawwt than that! XD
(Oh my... the physical examination! °///w///° )

hue? which character's description?? °x° -that character is sitting on Shiki's legs??!! OAO;;;-
haha, weak fangirl! :3

=3= well after two month of waiting... i finally bought the last manga of fruits basket... and the ending was a little... well juste a little boring, but i guess it just what happy ending, mean =A=;;; but well i guess it won't be FB without a happy ending! XD;;; -quite complicated-

hum... well... i will see what my friend will think of it, when they will see it! =w= i'm not in the hurry...

Thank you!!! x3
I love his red hair >w< he appears in the game Togainu no chi "True Blood" (PS2 & PSP versions owo) hum.. I think he looks like more simple than Shiki xD

I love when Rei says to Fujimaru he'll use his little brother if he won't cooperate xDD and Fujimaru says:
Oh! Mi-na-to!... Σ( o д olll)
xDD that part was really funny xD

nonono! I say Naito!! xD''' (It was me who is sitting on Shiki's legs in my dream xD')
He play the guitar and he has a dark past! =w=/** (and confirmed, he's the mascot of Nitro boys... <-- (yeah boys! =w=lll)

I prefer endings more darks or bad... his ending was the tipical shojo end.. =w=lll <--- happy everyone! lol xD''''

Ah! so that's why i didn't know him that much! :D but i saw some pretty screen shot with him! :3 he looks to get along with Akira quite well! :D
(btw, did you know about th New Nitro+Chiral's BL game? i discovered it just reccently! the chara designer is different from the other, but they do look really cool! °w°)

XDD Fujimaru's quite naive, didn't Rei said he was the only one to be able to see him? XDD Besides, i'm sure Minato will be a great Seme when he'll grow up! XDD

Is that so! :3 that's quite fun to see that kind of bigHuman maskot! :3 (how many member the Nitro boys are made of?? °A°)
You must be quite fond of Shiki to dream about it! =w= *patspats*

i think i like happy ending, but i prefer happy ending, with still a little dark side =w=;; like a happy ending where not everyone is happy! XD;;;

he's so cool ne? x3
yeah, but his path didn't have any XXX part... TT^TT'''''

Yeah, I know the game, but I never play with D:
I think the others characters are horrible... :/'''

jajajaj Minato will be a seme for sure xD
PD: Minato is yandere! =w=** did you read the manga? :3

.... I don't have the Naito plushie yet... TT^TT''' (I had problems with accounts an international payments... ;__ ;'' )

PD: I found Rakuen no Uta novels!!!!! >A<
but the prize is really, really, really expensive... 80€... (just for 2 novels... DDD':''')

haha, how sad! =w=;;
but aren't there enough XXXscene in the others's path?! XD;;; (i just saw some screen, but i'm sure there are reaaall hawt scene too! XD;;;

well the game wasn't released yet, it will durint the next winter commikket!
How come you don't like them? i think they are kinda cool!
but since they change the chara designer, it sure doesn't looke like TNC at all! °x°

ah? yandere... what's the def for tha word... i tought it was one for spirited unstable person, but i think i got it wrong... i read the manga for the3or4 chapters i think...

i hope you get him soon! °x°;;;

hoo? is that so! but, you can't read Japanese, is that okay to spend money on things you can't read at all?? °x°;;; -novels sure are expensive! u_u;;-

just one hot scene: when Yukihito licks Akira's hand :P (in that CG he's a so sexy look *////*)

just two are cools (the one who have piercings in his face, an the other one who have that scare in his face) the other are creepys DD:

but his principal character looks like pretty cool and cute *w* (and a super Uke too xDD did you see that new CG where he's sleeping? so dammit cuuute xdd)

Yandere is the opposite of Tsundere (Fujimaru is an exemple of a Tsundere character)

novels aren't expensive, is the shippment! D:
the real/original cost for Rakuen no Uta's novels is: 890 yens (7-8€) the shippment is the other (is the most espensive...) because they're in Japan.. and I choise EMS shippment (the most quickly) D:

°w° hohoho! that sound good! XD

ahh... i think so too! but just think about it! maybe, behind his gazmask, he's a great Bishonen??!! XDD -and, excuse-me, but, Kau from TNC is creepy too! XD-
I loved that image with the Uke sleeping! like listening to music!!! he makes people want to rape him! XDDD

the opposite of Tsundere? so, Yandere means people who can express easily theirself??

You should buy more stuff, so the shiping fees will remain the same, but you'll be able to import more goodies! =A=
i know a friend who prefer to buy a lot, so the shipping won't be that much a problem! =3=
oh well, but i'm not the kind to buy by Internet, i'm afraid of loosing stuff during the transfert! =A=;;;

look: *^*

in his happy (and only) END:

Touya~ xDD (he looks cool ne?)

and the famous (and only hot scene~) when Yukihito licks Akira's hand:

maybe... but the other guy, looks like creepy DDDDDD:
Kau isn't a Bishonen! he's just Arbitro's pet dog (experiment) for me, he doesn't a bishonen DDDDDD:

yeah yeah! true!! xDDDDDDD

Tsundere definition: (in french)

Yandere definition: (in french)

but in my country I have any good goodies or something like that... I prefer buy in France, America, Japan etc...
YesAsia don't have shipping cost :3 (but there, they don't have Rakuen no Uta's novels(they're out of stock).... .__.''''')

... I never have any problem like that oAo

Ettou, hola?
gomen por molestar... demo...
me gustaria bajar el OST de Rakuen no Uta..
pero no me deja...
...ettou.. muri desuka? >.

Te agregué, creo que ahora sí puedes descargarlo :)

si no funciona ahora, te envío el link ok? :D

PD: sorry por no haber respondido antes, no suelo pasarme muy a menudo por aquí últimamente D.

Gracias perdon por las molestias ^^
ahora funciono :)

la verdad yo tmpoco mucho XDD

.... I feel like some off-side stranger just by commenting here, since I pretty much just googled this llllorzllll

Anyways, I really wanted to finally check out Rakuen no Uta OST but I don't have the rights TTATT just because I pretty much fell in love with the song Pandora ~Save your Heart~

oh, I think it's 'coz you need to add me

I'll add you now so tell me if it's works now, kay? :D

It works perfectly! Thank you so, so, so, so much!

You are... gaaaaah, I can't even find the right words to say! >w

you're welcome~

enjoy Pandora! :D

hey aozumi chan, how can i access the link above? it's my first time using live journal... so i don't really understand....If you don't mind could you please tell me.
I would love if you could share with me?

as I said in the other comments, you need to add me as a friend in your account then I add you and you'll be able to see the links

(Deleted comment)
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